Tuesday, September 13, 2011


[cape cod, ma. june 2011]
today, I just really wish that this is what I was looking at. A nice, long, sandy boardwalk out towards a warm ocean and blue blue skies.

we have been moved back into our slc house for just over a month now and most of the projects we origionally wanted to do have been done. the problem is my home is not set up yet so it feel like an overstuffed house. our new closets are finished, but the racks and dresser drawers are empty meanwhile there are piles, bags and boxes or clothes all around the bedroom. 1/2 of my kitchen cabinets are empty, while packed boxes of kitchen stuff sit on my kitchen floor, counters and fill my garage. theres more, but I already feel overwhelmed thinking about those two rooms, right now they are my major roadblocks. ick. I need someone with awesome origazational skills to come over and just tell me what to do, what goes where etc. wouldn't that be nice? Y

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