Saturday, September 10, 2011

peach days 2011

Kyle had his annual Peach Days softball Tournament in Brigham City so after an early morning call to my parents the little guys and I decided to take a day trip to Crystal Hot Springs and then go catch some of the games. The hot springs were very fun, we all loved them and enjoyed a beautiful afternoon soaking in the sun and natural heated pools. We dried off and headed towards the festival and found out Kyle's team was finished and he was already back in Salt Lake. Boo! We missed it!

Ahh well, we enjoyed lunch at the many fair booths and delighted in hot peach cobbler with ice cream... mmm... and lounged in the grass together. Grandma taught Bray how to break up clouds, but they might have started with one that was a little too big. Y

sweet time...

oh so good peaches, and another great end of summer day!

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