Monday, July 25, 2011

working on west temple

braylon very proud to show off his first wall painting of the day. 

my mom and dad spent their weekend taking care of the boys so mari and I could get a lot done at the house. park trips, show shopping, the pool and many many meals. they had a fantastic time.

braylon's painting on my bedroom wall that he was SO sad that was covered up. we have a plan to mount a frame on his bedroom wall and let him paint inside that. 

when the carpet was removed from our main floor the hardwood beneath was in really really nice condition. we tried cancelling our carpet order so we could restore the floors but they said they put a rush on the order so we were stuck. Ah, well. it would have been pretty. 

removed some quality cabinet space in the kitchen to make room for a full size fridge. we will be installing open shelving above and to the side of the fridge and hopefully the change will be worth it. Y

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