Saturday, July 02, 2011

a couple of days early

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McCall is celebrating the 4th with all sorts of holiday festivities and cars have been rolling into town in a steady stream since yesterday morning. Town finally feels alive for the summer... it took until JULY this year, craziness! but at least it's here at last.

Aiden and I are soon to be off joining in, hopefully playing down at the lake's beach and soaking in all the goodness that this time of year has to offer. 

Kyle won rock-paper-scissors and was able to take Bray to Nana's lake house in Minnesota for the week - which included a trip to the Twin's new ballpark for a game [rained out =( ] and the big flotilla parade around the lake tomorrow. Noah's Arc theme this year. Aiden and I miss them terribly and wish they would hurry home already... but also want them fully enjoy their trip like we would if we were there.

Hope your weekend is filled with fun, family, celebrations and gratitude for this wonderful country we are blessed with! 

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