Wednesday, May 11, 2011

aiden: turning 1

We celebrated with some of our favorite families up here in McCall and had a great bbq dinner and let the kids run free and wild for awhile afterwards. It was noisy, chaotic and I loved every minute of it. 

We were expecting Aiden to really tear into his cupcake and kept reminiscing about Braylon's first birthday experience but when it came time for it it seemed like Aiden could really care less. He seemed bemused by everyone singing at him, and when he was handed the cupcake he stared, poked at it, looked around like we were all crazy and then poked at it again. 

Kyle helped him eat a few bites but he mostly smeared some on his highchair tray and got some frosting on his sleeves and then he was over it.

Aiden received a few birthday cards from family but the one that will get tucked away into his box of treasures is his special 1st Birthday card from his Great-Great-Grandparents, Rufus and  Hazel Sherwood, complete with his first $2 bill. My Great-Grandma is amazing; you can count on receiving a birthday card from her the day of your birthday, or the day before without exception, and there is always a sweet message and a note of love sent to the family along with that special birthday currency.

Friends that came to celebrate with us were:
Travis + Candice Leonard w/ Riley, TJ + Fallynne
Joe + Amy Napier w/ Spencer, McKenna,  Blake + Grace
Russ + Dana Jones w/ Rachel, Brett, Josh + baby Lydia

What a blessing it has been to have Aiden. He is an incredible soul that fills each of our lives with so much joy. Today was a great day.

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Craig and Jen said...

I can't believe he is 1 already!! Love following your blog!! Will you guys be driving through this summer??