Saturday, April 02, 2011

It is conference weekend and we have loved it so far! 

A new friend of mine up here is starting a Zumba class so I've borrowed her intro to Zumba dvd because I figured that I'm going to need to give myself as much practice as possible to have some of the moves look even remotely natural.  I popped the dvd in first thing this morning and had Braylon do it with me. He gave it a good go for about 6 minutes and then declared that he had done enough and now it was time for a kids movie. 

We had a wonderful day watching both sessions of conference and coloring on these awesome conference activity pages that are online. Honestly, I have so much gratitude for whoever took the time to put these together and decided to share them. Braylon's favorites are pages that tell a short story about each of the members of the first presidency when they were young boys and coloring page depicting the story -and- there are hidden pictures that you need to find. He also loves the mazes and trying to remember each of the speakers names. 

 [typical scene playing with B - note the t-rex claws]

Afterwards Braylon and I had a very relaxing evening while Kyle was at the Priesthood session and Aiden took an extra long nap. We had a fun video chat with my parents where the boys took turns talking into the camera, sharing "bites" of poptarts through the screen and turning on our favorite music channel to show the Grandparents the boys best dance moves.  

[ninja dance moves]

When Kyle came home it was time for the boys baths and I ran to the store to pick up a few ingredients for Sunday's dinner because we are having the missionaries join us again. 

It was a pretty simple day, conference talks, coloring, family chats, cleaning and trying to decide how best to make some small changes in the house to give it a fresh spring feeling, cuddling my three boys, but it was perfect. 

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