Monday, April 25, 2011

3 egg hunts, one amazing little man

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I felt warm this weekend. It was the first time I have felt warm in Idaho since sometime in October.

Saturday morning I drove down what we call the "little canyon" to New Meadows for a town Easter Egg hunt with Braylon. We found our way to the high school, it was where every other car on the road was headed, and were both experiencing a combination of nervousness at what to expect and excitement for the fun we had heard so much about. The school yard was divided into different areas by age group and we found the 2-4 lot and waited as patiently as possible to hear, "on your mark, get set, go!" The call finally came and  my sweet Braylon took off running. I watched him run to the far end of the yard where we had talked about him picking up his first special orange egg (his favorite color). He ran to it, looked at the egg, and kept going. He circled the large pine tree in the center of the yard once, and was about to lap it again when I went over to stop him and ask him to actually pick up something, anything. He obeyed, and took off running again. As the kids slowed down and gathered together with their parents with overflowing baskets I wondered what I would find in Braylon's. 6 eggs, 3 candy filled, 3 hard boiled. We sat in the grass and I asked him why he didn't get more eggs. At first he said I don't know, and then said he didn't want the other kids to be sad if they didn't get as many eggs. We watched kids walking past us with heaps and heaps of eggs, I said, "whoa! do you see how many those kids found? that's awesome!" and my amazing little man's face lit up  and he said, "yes! it makes me feel proud!"  Braylon, you are an incredible human.

We picked up some lunch on our way back to McCall and chatted and [attempted to] tell jokes all the way home. We ate with Kyle and then packed up the car, buckled Bray, Aiden and myself in and took off down the "big canyon" to Boise. We left at 3 which is the time Aiden goes down for his 2nd nap which usually means he will sleep for the whole drive into Boise. I heard Aiden wake up after about 40 minutes and Braylon told me that he accidentally woke Aiden because he was trying to put his pillow under Aiden's head to make him more comfortable. I asked him to be quiet for a bit to see if we could get Aiden to fall back asleep and then I couldn't help but smile when I heard Braylon whispering, "are you so happy to see me ad?" I looked in my rear view mirror and watched my eldest son leaning over his brother, smiling, whispering and holding his hand. Pure a happiness for my heart.

During the drive we saw four river rafting trips, two men playing on jet skis, the train rolling along the tracks with its outdoor cars full of passengers and a high school boys playing baseball with fans cheering in the stands. I finally felt spring!

Easter Sunday I came downstairs and Braylon had already been through his basket with Grammy but I was able to be with my boys when Aiden went through his first Easter basket. Kyle noticed in the paper that Mountain Home had an Egg hunt in the afternoon so we walked down to the park with Grammy, Grampy and Grandpa Borch. 0-4 age group eggs were in a field separate from older kids and even though there were a ton of kids there I figured that Braylon would pick up from eggs this go round. I waited about half way down the field so I could take some pictures while everyone else waited at the "starting line" for the go ahead. When the man in charge flagged the kids to start the entire line charged down the field, all of the parents included! It startled me and Kyle was surprised too because we figured that just the kids would go out, not so! These people were intense! The strategy Kyle had worked out with Braylon was that he would run as fast as he could to where I was and then start collecting eggs. He ran to me but I couldn't see him in the mass of large adult bodies and when I finally spotted him he was at the far end of the field looked around the backstop for any eggs. By the time he got around it and was heading back towards me all of the eggs had been collected and his bag was completely empty. He may have said, "oh man" but that's about it. We took a couple of pictures and headed back to Grammy's  house for an egg hunt there.

Kyle and I hid eggs in the backyead and Braylon had a fun time finding all of those eggs, leaving 3 for Aiden. He had a fantastic time going through them on the kitchen floor and I've had a lot to think about because of this sweet 4 year old that I have the privilege of calling my own.

Today we spent a lot of time over at Grandpa and Grandma Borch's house and were able to spend some time outside in the grass playing baseball and teaching Braylon how to run in a pickle. Again, it felt so good to be outside and not be cold. This evening we drove into Boise and met up with Grammy to go watch Rio at the "the-A-ter" as Braylon calls it and loved watching Aiden in his first movie going experience (I think it blew his mind) and watching both of my boys dancing in their seats to the catchy songs.

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