Thursday, March 31, 2011

Okay, I'm over it. After another not so great night of sleep the stress is gone. Repairs just need to be made.

Braylon came into our room just as I was finally unwinding enough to go to sleep; it was 1 am. He came in because he missed me. After an hour of chats and carrying him back to his bed 3 times he was finally out. I was back laying in bed trying to fall asleep and Aiden woke up and did not fall back asleep on his own. It was 2:30 am and I was so tired but I got back up and went to him. He had a dirty diaper [which he never does overnight] and was in pain. I changed him by the light of the fire and then spent 30 minutes sitting on the floor holding him, loving his soft baby skin and his sweetness.

3 am. Everyone is in bed, all of my boys sleeping soundly and this keeps running through my head.

I don't want my focus to be on being a better woman tomorrow than today but on being a better woman today than I was yesterday. The prior gives an out - an excuse to be less than you should be in the present. The later, motivation to be more.

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