Wednesday, March 30, 2011

oh least i have them...

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So, I've been thinking about this blog a lot lately; you probably couldn't tell since I have been severely lacking with posts, but I have. I started this for me, for a journal of our new family, a way to keep updated with family and friends spread around the country and as an outlet for my thoughts/feelings. I was turned away from writing too much each time I heard my sweet husband giving our blog address out to co-workers and old school buddies. Sure I knew that I chose to keep my blog open to the public where anyone could find and read it, but I was a little leery about people that I kind of knew knowing too much about me. Sometimes I ramble, am onery, silly, make an absolute statement about something that if you ask me 5 minutes later [more likely the next day] I'm totally open to whatever about. So I changed my approach here. I wrote less. Which lead to posting less. I grew to love other peoples blog but was bored by my own and felt a little sad [I get if you think that's silly] that my blog seemed to be totally void of the real me. So, yes, this is a place to see updates about my incredible family, especially our absolutely incredible two little boys, but I hope that it will come back to being something that I own and take pride in having as a record of our lives and of who I am as I grow through this life. 

Here's me today. This morning I was as happy as can be. I finally signed up for a membership at a local sports club up here last week and have loved going by myself in the evenings and feeling my body move. I feel stronger and more fluid from running than I have since the beginning of this long winter we have had. Yesterday was a great day and last night  we had two big events to celebrate with Aiden. 1. his top 2 front teeth finally broke through the gums! [they've been this close for weeks!] and 2. he took his first steps! He has been standing on his own for over a month now, but he went back and forth between Kyle and I getting 3 steps in each time before he would sit down. He did the best walking when Braylon would come and sit on the lap of the parent a.d was headed towards. He loves Braylon. 

Braylon came into our bed around 3 am and made it so that neither Kyle or I got much quality sleep because he always seems to end up horizontal between us; at least I always get his head resting on me while Kyle has to put up with feet constantly pushing against him. But that was even okay. When I asked B why he came into our room he said he woke up and had to protect us. Who can argue that. 

Work went well today and the boys were great. At the end of the day, while Aiden was still taking his afternoon nap I went to the gym. I had a good workout. My cardio endurance is improving every day and it felt really good. Quick stop at home to grab the debit card for the grocery store and I was off to run a couple of errands. And that's where the pendulum swung. 

While I was checking out I received a phone call from Kyle to hurry home because we had a major leak in the boys room! Seriously?... Seriously. We had a good rain this afternoon/evening and the leak was so bad that it drenched the attic floor and came through enough to make two water bubbles in the ceiling which broke through and were soaking the carpet. This house! All feel-goods went out the window. I grabbed a package of peanut butter cookies and mind numbingly ate 4 and immediately felt like crap. Who does that?!?! I honestly thought I had only eaten 2, but the number on the label didn't match up with what was missing so I must have. This place has had SO many issues in the almost year we have been in here. So, I undid all of the good from my great workout today and let my moral plummet. -sigh- Good news is I didn't get smacked in the face with water like Kyle did... he initially noticed the leak because when he opened the door to get Aiden he got pelted with the water that was pouring in and hitting the circulating fan blades, throwing water everywhere. Fortunately we have a friend here who is a roofer and dropped everything as soon as Kyle called him and came over and help patch things up -even repairing the exterior in the dark with the icy rain. 

I know it's not a huge deal, but its just one more thing gone wrong... 
Tomorrow's another day.
We love McCall but man....

[while Kyle and Brian were rushing in and out getting the roof patched aiden stood up and walked 7 steps before sitting down!]  

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