Friday, February 25, 2011

UT roadtrip Highlights [so far]

  • Made it down the canyon without Braylon getting carsick and throwing up!
  • Getting all the way to Horseshoe Bend [where there are facilities] before Braylon announced he needed to go to the bathroom
  • Being told by Braylon not to worry because his pe[nis] and his po[oness] wouldn't go because they know he is a big boy so they will wait until he is near a toilet - nice! 

([ ]s because I don't need those words pulling my blog for people searching them)

  • Bray replaying and quoting 3 Ninjas II [loudly due to headphones] "You're supposed to catch the ball, not the weenie!" [ohh, tum tum]
  • Braylon feeding Aiden two of those new squeeze tubes of baby food while we were on the road because I-84 was at a standstill for a while and then traffic only went 20-40 mphs because the roads were so ice/snow covered and Aiden laughing + loving it
  • Almost sliding through 2 intersections trying to make very slow turns - decided to just go straight instead and booked a room at a motel in Burly, ID for the night
  • Braylon's crazy excitement about our little motel room - "There are 2 of everything!!! 2 beds! 2 lamps! 2 chairs!!!" and being SO excited that they had cleared a path way in the room so we could exercise! 
  • Gold Rush, Alaska marathon 
  • Braylon yelling out from the, very deep, bath every 60 seconds, "I'm not getting out of here because it's too much fun!"
  • 11:30 pm - both boys gave in to sleep! Finally!
  • My turn for a nice hotel water pressure shower

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