Saturday, February 12, 2011

Not too long ago I was secretly/not-so-secretly desiring something more in my life. I was overwhelmed trying to figure out how to stay on top of everything, so, in true to my nature form, I was hoping for something else to take on. Crazy huh. Well... that's me.

Well, the universe listened. I've been SO busy this past month. This week was no different.

  • Monday we worked more finishing out the attic. In Bray's room I finished touch up paint, applied a poly-finish on his dresser and started moving his things back into the room.
  • Tuesday we had the missionaries over for dinner so after work I made a quick meal and a new cake for dessert. [recipe here. I made it with a milk chocolate base and it was yummy!]
  • Wednesday I had my RS presidency meeting and then stayed for lunch with my friend while our boys ate lunch.
  • Thursday we hosted Kyle's basketball team for an end of season dinner.
  • Friday all of the coaches and their wives came over for a post game dinner and chat.
  • Today I cooked for and set up a funeral luncheon for an estimated 100 family and friends of an elderly lady that was in our ward. The last function like that I've been too was when I was 19, but it turned out great, hours doing everything one handed while carrying a sick little aiden and all! 

I was also rendered unnecessary this week by my office in Salt Lake. I loved working with them and was grateful that they allowed me to work remotely for so long, and with such inconsistency [as I was trying to figure out that elusive balance]. It was the only job that I've stayed at for over a year and I made it almost three! That is huge for me for a number of reasons and I will really miss it.

I'm looking forward to taking a.d.'s 9 month pictures, pictures of braylon's finished Superhero room, my parent's visit and of our Winter Carnival fun and more updates because somehow when I get more busy I seem to be able to stay ontop of things better. For now I'll just keep snuggling aiden who seems to have a bad cold and watching Housewives re-runs since Kyle and Braylon are down in Boise for the weekend.

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Terri said...

You're a super woman!!! Miss you! Coming to slc anytime soon?