Wednesday, January 12, 2011

So, I have to admit, I am kind of loving the almost 4 year age difference between my two boys. I was always a little sad that things turned out this way and was afraid that the gap would be too big between them - and it may be as they get older, but I hope not - but I have to say that it was been wonderful! Braylon is an amazing brother! He adores Aiden and is such a huge help! When Kyle has basketball practice I watch the store with both boys and pretty much hope for the best each afternoon. If Aiden has a good nap, he's usually asleep for the entire time Kyle's gone, if not, I can ask Bray to go up and entertain him for me. I have the monitor so I can see and hear how things are going for the boys, but really at that point it just turns in to entertainment for me. Braylon climbs into the crib and they play with toys together, Bray will tell stories into the camera and move it around to show me Aiden or the room or some part of the adventures they are having, and some of my favorite moments are when Bray brings books into the crib and "reads" them to Aiden. He explains the pictures, the story, small details in the pictures.  They both love that time, and I love them! 

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