Saturday, January 22, 2011

life for the next 10 hours

Simply Gray
Porcelain Shale

frog tape
rollers + paint brushes

So much has been going on! and it seems like its all been overlapping like crazy. Last night Kyle had an away game a couple hours south of here so he took Braylon with him {on the bus with the teams, little boys heaven!} so Bray could spend the weekened with his Grammy. They went to the movies and saw Green Hornet then joined back up with Kyle to watch the varsity boys play. Mari will be bringing B back home Sunday along with the amazing artwork she has been creating for Braylon's new SuperHero room. I'll be spending the rest of the day/night clearing his room out and painting; base coat and then some skylines in two contrasting colors. If I get super ambitious I might get his dresser started too, but we'll have to see how well Aiden is cooperating since Kyle has another away game a couple of hours north of here today and has already left for that so its just us two for the night. Kyle should be home around midnight, just in time for me to crash. I am SO excited to get started!

bedding set ordered - duvet cover choice as he gets older - sneak peak of the super heros

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Tiffany said...

awesome! my boys would be so jealous. so would any toddler boy!