Sunday, January 23, 2011

have I mentioned lately how everything seems to be happening all at once [and has been for awhile now]. Bray's room is coming along so well. Most of the painting is done, trim and small touch ups in the room, dresser redo to come asap.

Mari drove up today with Bray and brought with them her masterpieces. We were able to get all the superhero paintings mounted on the walls. So... they were going to be 2' x 2' originally but evolved over their production and now b has 4, 4' x 4' and 2, 2' x 4' masterpieces surrounding him. Anyone with boys, can you  just imagine the energy flowing through his tiny body right now? He's running around like crazy!

Tonight we were also able to take on the task of designing a custom piece of furniture. {one of my} Fathers-in-law, Jim, offered to use his final project for this semester's woodworking class to create a cool piece for us. He and Kyle's mom had some ideas and we ran with them and created a cool coffee table/art table/storage... unit of awesomeness. We needed to have final design and sketches to him by tonight so as soon as I stopped painting tonight and thought I would relax in a bath, Kyle came in with his computer and notebook and we got to work getting this thing knocked out. 


Pretty cool huh? Hopefully it works out, we had a lot of fun designing.

B's room picture updates tomorrow when there's better light!

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