Monday, January 10, 2011

aiden: 8 months

oh a.d. baby... you are amazing and we adore you!
  •  you used to be content to sit in place for awhile and play with toys or watch Braylon running around like a mad man or rolling every which way to get where he wanted to go... 
  • Over the week of Christmas you decided enough was enough and wanted more. One day you were up on your hands and knees, rocking back and forth, the next you were moving your hands forward and scooting/hopping your knees, the next day it was full speed ahead. 
  • You've been wearing 12m clothes for the past 2 months, 18m from Old Navy; your long.
  • You sleeps until around 4 am when you wake up wanting to come into our bed, which we do because we like our sleep too, but you stays asleep until just after 7 am when your ready to play but will usually be happy to lay in one of our arms until around 8 when you've had enough and want to eat.
  •  You love food and want to eat anything/everything you see me, dad or Braylon eating: sandwiches, cereal, steak and on and on and on.
  • You have no teeth yet but "chew" or gum food like you does. It seems like you've been on the verge of having some teeth break through for months but so far its a no go.
  • You give full face kisses - suck on our chin or cheek - pull back to smile and then attack with another full slobber kiss - and you give high-5s.
  • You are hilarious and know it. You attack toys like a tiger cub or shake your head back and forth really fast or bounce around in your seat and then laugh and laugh and laugh. You always check to make sure you're getting a good response from your audience, and you do.  
  • You love baths and showers. If Braylon is ever taking one without you but you're is in the room, you do everything you can to get in the tub. Braylon loves taking baths with you too and loves sharing all of his bath toys with you and teaching you how to use his squirt gun {I think it will be awhile yet buddy}.
  • Basically, you are an amazing baby... your mommy, daddy and older brother couldn't have ever hoped for anything more.

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New favorite picture of Aiden.