Thursday, November 18, 2010

This morning it was bight and the sun was shining! and I thought we might squeak out one amazing weather day before the snow started falling again and we had the landscape of last week. [pics above are from last week] I might get to repaint my frames from the white I finished a month ago to a beautiful, peaceful gray before its too cold outside for spray paint to work. Oh well.  

It appears that this mornings sun was just a teaser since it has been dark and moody for the rest of the day. Snow began falling in tiny flakes but now they are becoming thick and fluffy and coating everything. 

Two weeks ago Kyle and Braylon met up with Kyle's Dad in Boise at the ski swap and they bought a good used set of skis, boot, gloves and a very padded helmet for B. Last week when we had a couple days of good snow I dressed Braylon in all his gear and let him give it a try. We have a huge empty lot across from the house that I carried him to - skis on - where he scooted around and held onto my hand as I ran and pulled him across the snow.  He loved it! He's looking forward to having a good base layer of snow again so that he can put those new skis back on and get out there to play and then un-click and make snow angles. 

Oh, and Bray's pose there? His time spent playing ski jumping on the Wii balance board taught him that. He is prepping for his jump, he then jumped and got about 2 inches of air, and landed posed like a true ski jumper would be. 

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