Friday, November 12, 2010

how did I not know this store existed?

My cousin recently posted a photoshoot of a client and I loved the little boys sweater. I asked her if she knew where his mom had picked it up and she wrote that it was from Crazy8. I hadn't heard of it before so I googled it and found the site, fell in love, and realized there is even a store at the mall in Boise. There are so many clothes/shoes that are so Braylon and they are having a huge 60% off sale right now! These pictures are just some of the things I think he would love / look so studly in but their site has great clothing options for little boys! which any mom of boys knows the selections is way limited compared to cute little girl's clothes options. If you dress a little guy I'd check them out!

Other fun things I came across lately - 

These are all Skechers Shape Up shoe options. Crazy huh??? Cool? I've been thinking about these and wondering if it was worth trying them out to see if they really add anything to your normal walking around aside from a potential odd gait. Have any of you checked them out? In any version? I'm SO curious. JcPenney carries all of these and they are on sale from $80 for $59.99. Love the winter option. 

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Lacey McKay said...

I think Crazy8 is a sister-store to Gymboree (a cheaper version) and Janie and Jack is the more expensive version. I should check them out more often!