Wednesday, November 10, 2010

aiden: 6 months

my love, @ six months old you:

  • are getting more interested in toys
  • but would still rather be inches away from someone's face smiling and laughing
  • got away from being the worlds best sleeper 
  • but are slowly working your schedule back out and figuring out daily naps as well - thank goodness!
  • you prefer to sleep snuggled up with someone - which is wonderful - unless there are other things that need to get done during the day, which is hard because there are
  • you are very serious a lot of the time, taking in everything around you
  • but you smile quickly and that smile makes everyone around you smile too
  • you, love, love, love watching Braylon play, and desperately want in on the action
  • roll over tummy to back and back to tummy now
  • but you have way more interest in sitting up than in laying down
  • you fell over from sitting right into Braylon's plate on the floor because you wanted to eat his pizza - really - you fell over and grabbed a slice and tried to get it in your mouth before as fast as can be
  • love eating baby food, want to eat all food, would go to a buffet right now if I let you
  • are beautiful and fun and everyone that meets you loves you
  • you melt my heart every day and your dad and brother can't get enough of you either

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