Friday, October 01, 2010

This little mister's Halloween costume came in the mail yesterday. When I showed it to him he asked, "Can I wear it for hours and hours???" I put it on his the first time, and he probably took it off and put it back on another 6 times at least throughout the day. He is loving it! Can't you just see how proud of himself he is?

He also spent the majority of the rest of the day referring to Kyle as Spiderman and to me as Supergirl. We were protecting everything from Wolverine, and man, if you asked him to do anything [grab a diaper, pick up his toys, etc.] he was on a mission!

His sidekick's costume shipped today! so we should be able to get the two of them together for a photo-op soon - pending they aren't too busy saving the world, one crisis at a time.

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