Saturday, October 02, 2010

after a long, tiring night...

Aiden was up all throughout the night... Braylon woke up around 3ish crying and calling out for me so I left a [finally!] sleeping Aiden with Kyle and went to lay with Braylon. He said he had a bad dream, and he did flinch really hard a couple of times after he fell back asleep but then he calmed down. Kyle came in an hour [or 2?]  later and said Aiden hadn't slept soundly for more than 5-10 minutes the whole time I was gone. Man, its hard being in such high demand! =) I'll try to keep that positive spin on it and maybe it will help me feel more energised to get through today.

So this afternoon calls for:
  • Lots of playing with the owner of these cute [and huge!] hands and feet. 
  • Hiking through the woods for the perfect sticks for a cool star door wreath I found online this week. Hopefully I can find the right kind and can show it soon. I know Bray will love that adventure too.
  • Painting some seasonal pillows - one of which will be a stand alone of the crow below. I'm not really sure why I like it, but I cant wait to make it nonetheless. 
I've been dying to do something crafty or a sewing project for a long time so I'm going to make today the day!

  • I think Kyle will be able to get the last of the fence posts in the ground. After that it will be all ready to have boards put up quickly. AND we has 12 yards of top soil delivered yesterday so we can cover and level out some gravel spots in the yard so that maybe we can get some successful grass seed growing this spring!
hello!?! [to myself] Its General Conference!  Maybe I will craft while watching this am and we'll put our adventure hike off until later.

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Lacey McKay said...

I am loving all of your recent posts! Now if I could just find the time to update my own blog...