Saturday, October 02, 2010

So, today didn't pan out exactly as I had planned this am. You can see by my post this morning that I really thought I had a handle on the day and had it all planned out. Realizing it was Conference threw the timing off but I still thought I would be able to do everything.  Hmm... enter in a baby that is still really struggling [eyes and nose are better, but now he has a slight fever, flushed cheeks and a light rash on them and his thigh?] and a 4 year old that is very frustrated that the adventure promised is not happening right that minute.

The first session of Conference flew by, which I figured was a testament to my getting older/more mature but then I realized it was probably more in part to the fact that Braylon disappeared for a little while. I thought he was with Kyle, Kyle thought he was with me. Braylon decided to go on his own adventure since I wasn't going and decided to play Superheros on that 12 yards of top soil we had delivered yesterday. Get him in, have another talk about not going out of the house without a parent, get him in the shower to get all of the dirt, start yet another load of laundry with those clothes. 

me: wow, there sure is a lot of dirt coming off of your body. I wonder what thats from.
b: its from me... being outside... by myself. 
me: oh yeah. is that a good thing or a bad thing to do?
b: its a bad thing... at least I was safe. Up high no bad guys could take me.
[its probably 3 1/2 feet at its highest]


We did to do one craft project during 2nd session. Braylon wanted to paint some small canvas' but then decided that we should all paint out hands. Braylon decided what colors everyone's hands should be, and that we needed to keep the background white. It was really hard to get Aiden's little print trying to do it by myself but the 2nd take turned out okay.

Kyle and Braylon worked out in the yard and he managed to get the last posts all cut and set which is great. It is all coming along so nicely and I can't wait to have it all fenced in!

Braylon this evening:
b: Listen Aiden. You know I like ya, but you can't grab me right now.

b: {in reference to Aiden} He loves me too much. He just can't stop.

Kyle stopped by the store on his way home from the Priesthood session tonight and came in carrying two movies and 2 jones sodas to wrap up this long day. Both boys are asleep in bed. We're going to go collapse. Here's hoping our babies stay asleep all night! 

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