Wednesday, October 27, 2010

requesting mommy advise

I almost dedicated a post yesterday solely to praise the joy that was baby A sleeping through the night again! It felt so good to have a night of uninterrupted sleep. I actually woke up on my own and was thankful we have a video monitor so I could make sure that he was truly just sleeping soundly and didn't have a blanket on his face or had somehow learned to walk and was out enjoying some morning adventure, curled back up in my blanket and rested a little longer.

I felt great, Aiden seemed so rested, we were so productive - yesterday.

Last night A woke up just before midnight and I couldn't get him back to sleep until just after 2 am. I strapped him in to his bouncer chair propped up against a laundry basket to keep his head elevated in an attempt to help him "drain" out crud so he would sleep more comfortably. He woke up again just before 4 am extremely congested and unable to breath well. I tried sucking out his nose -again- but it seemed like everything was draining right into his throat. I tried to feed him but he couldn't eat.  Just as I decided to see if a steam shower would help, Braylon woke up crying from a bad dream. I tried to console him but it didn't work. He was really sad that in his dream he had broken my computer and I was really mad at him. Okay, off to my room, tucked Braylon in my bed and went to see if the shower would help.

So there I sat at the bottom of the tub at 5 am with hot water raining down on my feet, holding my little baby thinking about how great that sleep from 2-4 am had felt. After about 15 minutes he was breathing effortlessly. So I sat there, breathing in steam, looking down at my baby as he ate and ate and ate, there in the shower. When we got out, Kyle helped me get Aiden re-diapered snuggled in our bed. I almost thought I could get some sleep when Braylon rolled over and said he needed something to eat because he was so hungry.

I stumbled into the kitchen, grabbed a grahm cracker, broke it into bite size pieces and brought it back to Braylon. We were all snuggled in blankets, Kyle, A, me and Bray. In the pitch black, Aiden was grabbing at my hair to my left, Braylon was crunching away on my right the clock says sometime in the 6 or 7 o'clock hour and I burst our laughing.

I was going to scoop Aiden back up and take him out to the couch to let Kyle and Braylon sleep but Kyle got up to do some final prep before attending an all day conference and giving a presentation this afternoon. The boys and I finally fell asleep! and slept until 9:30 then had to get up so that I could open the store. So, we're all a little extra tired today. I've done okay watching the store and both boys but its been hard because Aiden is so sick. At 5 I will close the store and get Braylon ready for our church Fall Festival/Trunk or Treat this evening.

The help I need is in knowing what the best options are for babies that have bad colds? I know you can't really give them anything but he is so tired and needs to be able to sleep but can't. I tried propping him up to sleep but it doesn't seem to help for long. He is extremely congested but not much is coming out when I use the suction bulb, his eyes are weeping and he has a fever. Any remedies to sooth your little ones?


Lacey McKay said...

1 teaspoon of Sudafed, a warm air humidifier, and an elevated crib mattress does the trick for us!

Yeah, I know, they say you're not supposed to give cold medicine to babies. Our doctor said they have to tell you that because some people give their kids too much. I'm very careful about giving her the right amount and waiting the appropriate length of time between doses. If she has a fever, I'll alternate with Tylenol. I figure giving a little relief with meds is worth the much needed sleep (for her and the whole family) and also decreases the risk of her struggling to breath in the middle of the night from all of the congestion.

It sounds like you did the right thing by taking a hot bath with him to help break up the congestion. We've made midnight trips to Walgreen's for humidifiers before. They really seem to help. We put a pinch of salt in ours to get it working really good.

As for Braylon, you're way nicer than I am. When Abbey tells me she's hungry in the middle of the night, I tell her "Too bad! You should have ate your dinner earlier." or "Sorry, we already brushed your teeth." Then I send her butt back to bed. If she cries, I tell her I'll shut the door unless she stops because she's going to wake up the baby. That usually works. I'm such a mean mommy! But, it's either mean mommy now, or CRANKY mommy tomorrow! The only way she gets into our bed is if there is a raging storm outside. I don't want her to ever be scared and feel like we weren't there for her.

Nike@ChooseToThrive said...

My kids always got that junk - I hated it. They were always so cranky and in desperate need of sleep!

I don't know if you're using the suction bulb alone, but I never got it to work until we started using saline with it. I'd squirt the saline up their nose a couple of times and suction after each time -- HUGE difference. Tons of stuff came out. Nasty amounts of stuff came out. I still use it occassionally for the older kids, too.

Hope that helps ... and hope you can all get some more sleep :)