Sunday, October 24, 2010


taking the stairs with style

I had to use a picture from yesterday because, well, I got no sleep last night. My baby was finally sleeping through the night but my little man had an accident, and I had to take care of cleaning it all up, redressing and warming him. Aiden woke up from it and didn't want to be comforted by Kyle, as I was trying to wrap and cuddle Braylon on my right, Aiden was grabbing for my hair on my left. When I rolled over to sooth Aiden and get him to sleep again, Braylon said he didn't want to holding Aiden, he need me.

We woke up early this morning to get all spiffy for church and make sure we would be on time since Braylon had his program. He stole the show. It was really funny for Kyle and I to have the child that was the youngest and that one cute kid on the very front making people laugh. It was fun afterwards having so many people tell us how much they loved Braylon's "participation" - he tried to fit the mic in his mouth after this 2nd speaking part! - and one couple just really wanted to take him home with them. =)

When we got home Braylon told me he didn't like the voice he heard when he was speaking in the microphone. He goes, "When I talk it sounds like this, but thats not the sound I heard..." He was confused but it was so cute. We are very proud of him for staying focused and for saying his parts without any coaxing and for the thumbs up he would give to us after he got back to his spot and between songs. Love him!

Sunday naps and pouring rain made for a very lazy end of day.

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