Friday, October 29, 2010

quick: a soldier on leave, my hero

Today was the Halloween Party at Braylon's preschool. Aiden and I joined the other parents to set up the food and get costumes on our kiddos. When I showed up a couple of the parents were in costume and I initially assumed this daddy was too. - blame it on sleep deprivation. A little into the "party" I learned that he is the father of a little girl in the class and he is home on leave for 11 days. He was off to the side much of the time, but you could tell he adored his little girl and took a ton of pictures of her in her cute Alice in Wonderland costume playing and smiling back up at him on his phone so that he could "take them with him".

I ended up talking to him and his wife, his wife was holding Aiden for me, while I took some pictures of the group. She handed him off to her husband when her arms got tired and he held/rocked Aiden for about 45 minutes and let him sleep in his arms. I'm very glad that I was able to meet him today, and that he gave up so much of his precious little time home, to hold my little guy and allowed him to feel so secure that he slept soundly through a party of loud/excited 4 year olds.

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