Saturday, October 23, 2010

quick: pretty much a perfect day for little boys

I made a quick trip down to Mountain Home/Boise this weekend. I left Friday night after Bray's primary program practice and arrived with the boys in Mtn. Home just before 10 pm. The drive down was awful for a number of reasons but we made it safe and got to sleep right away because we had a big day Saturday. We came down to 1 - see Aunt Moe! because it is rare that we get to and her team was playing in Boise over the weekend, and to pick up a dishwasher! finally! All attempts to fix the one here have failed so its time to bite the bullet and buy a new one.

Saturday was very busy but also very fun. I ran errands at the Dollar Store and Walmart for a few craft and baby staples and then picked the boys and Mari, Grammy, up to head into Boise. We had fun craft and cloths shopping around town and then went to the BSU fields to see Megan while her team held practice before Sunday's game. We played around on the field and were able to chat for an hour or so together, and Kyles Dad and Marie joined us at the field too. After practice we went to dinner and were able to spend a little more time together before the boys and I had to head back up the canyon.  Bray's program is at 9 am Sunday.

The way things worked out, I wasn't able to pick up a dishwasher, we have to order one in, but it was worth it to see family and especially to get to spend some time with Megan; for me and the boys. We stoped at Kohls and picked up a few things for family pictures and made it back home around 11:30 pm.

I can't wait until we get to spend more time than just a few hours again!

 He flopped after I scored on him... he now says he just didn't want his picture taken. Believe who you will. =) Practicing soccer on the Boise State University soccer fields. Bray was in heaven. He just kept asking when everyone would show up to play on his team and to sit in the stands.
Bray love, love, loved the water cooler. He even filled a cup and brought it out to the female coach... I'm thinking now it was probably his cup... but he hadn't been eating anything so it should have been safe from any unwelcome additives.
 I didn't really know if these girls would want to, but look how happily the entire University of Idaho Girl's soccer team [and Aunt Moe, shes their athletic trainer] posed for a picture with my boys. =)

 Teeny Tiny Fiat in the Chili's parking lot. I snuck a picture of it when I was walking in, but Bray hadn't seen it because he was rushed in with his Grammy because he had been "holding it" the whole drive over. I took him out to see a car that was "just his size". He loved it, and the little black and white dog that was running around inside, but he did get a little frustrated that I wouldn't let him actually try to get in, being that it was a car his size.
 Researching the menu trying to decide what looks good. He's to that stage where all paper seems like the best thing ever to grab, crinkle and chew on.
 Across the table. Grandma + Grandpa Borch, Aunt Moe and Aiden. Grammy + Braylon were to my left and Grampy was at the end of the booth.
 Aiden receiving Aunt Moe kisses.
Aiden checking out who this Grandpa Borch it and what he's all about. From his attire and conversation, it was all University if Idaho Vandals today. =)

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