Thursday, October 21, 2010

quick: my heart

Braylon is in a bit of a Mommy phase. I think it started getting stronger when he had his [most recent] accident. He seems to attach even more to me whenever he gets hurt or is sick, maybe we all do, bond a little tighter to our Moms in moments of fear, pain or uncertainty. 

Tonight he snuck out of bed to ask me if I would come in and snuggle him when he was asleep. I told him I would come back when he was and snuggle for a bit. A few minutes later he came out and told Kyle that he needed to tell me he was asleep so I would go in to him. 

I love this sweet boy more that I could ever express. When I was cuddling tonight he pressed his nose to mine and told me that my snuggles give him the power [he's all about gaining power and superpowers] to sleep good. ahh... my heart. 

I went back in to make sure he and Aiden we both covered and comfortably sleeping and as I stood there watching over Bray I knew that image was the one I wanted to capture and remember for this day.  I quickly grabbed my camera and slightly propped the door open so I would have a little light from the living room on his sweet face. Kyle asked me what on earth was I doing. =) I couldn't hold still long enough to capture a clear image for the length of time the shutter needed for the limited light so I snuck back out, grabbed the tripod -which made Kyle think I was even more nuts- and was able to stabilize my shot enough to get this image. 


Lacey McKay said...

Awwww, you nailed the whole purpose of this Photo-A-Day thing with that one Julie! :)

Tiffany said...

i had to rest the camera on the dresser, then i stood up on the edge of their bed and rested it on the ceiling a different night:) we're crazy moms - crazy in love w/ our 2 boys each:)