Wednesday, October 27, 2010

quick: 2010 trunk or treat

hair explained: Since this was held at our church they request that no full face masks are worn, for safety reasons. Braylon's batman costume has a full face mask/attached cape so we had to improvise. I made up this mask from a tutorial I found here and Braylon decided that I needed to do his hair so that it resembled the bat ears on the "real" mask. Seriously. So, here's what we came up with... we should have gone with a Wolverine costume with hair like his. 

Shooting cans: one of the games provided for the little ones
prize earned: he ripped the wrapper off, stuck it in his mouth and excitedly proclaimed "this tastes like sugar!" and then handed it back to me to hold for him.
Halloween Bingo with Riley: loved this game! he wanted to play over and over 
close up to show remaining bruises: looks like he bruises more green/yellow like I do. Its sad to know that he still has swelling and bruises from his waterslide fall; forehead and his left eye.

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