Tuesday, October 19, 2010

new posts explained... quick:

My cousin Lacey of - A Cherry on Top Photography - fame, has instituted a Photo A Day link-up on her blog. I've decided to take the challenge and join in because after talking with her, realize it will be a good way to 1. make sure I stay current on documenting our life and the life around us daily and 2. to "hopefully" take the time some days to really think about it and think more about my surroundings and think of capturing life in a way that will get my creativity flowing again.

I was out of town this weekend picking Braylon up from Mtn. Home so I didn't follow the proper formatting for PAD as my posts will say. From now on, daily, there will be a post titled:  quick: or something similar since I like to change things up with brief description and [probably] a single picture. If I have another post it will be separate. =) 

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