Sunday, October 17, 2010

quick: sidewalk chalk artists

In an attempt to keep Braylon accident free we had him spend the weekend down in Mtn. Home with his Grammy and Grampy. We figured he would get a lot of one-on-one attention with some "calmer" activities and we would be able to tackle some projects at the house without worrying about him trying to be Silver Surfer with a fence board on top of that big dirt pile in the yard.  Yeah... I actually caught him up there with half of the board hanging out into mid-air about to "surf" on Thursday.

I just drove down to retrieve him and the first thing I saw were these amazing works of chalk art Bray and Mari created today.

the Sidewalk Chalk Artists

Other weekend highlights for B: hanging out with Grandpa + Grandma Borch, a visit to the zoo with Grammy + Grampy, crafts, a lot of movies and tons of fun.

Yeah... so I just have to add... I'm glad Mari likes doing this sort of thing because it's amazing, and, well, I cannot stand the feel of chalk on my hands. Honestly, ick. And if the chalk "skips" and makes any sort of noise or vibration I'm totally done. When Braylon was younger I bought little holders for chalk that were okay, but they still "screeched" and felt creepy crawly. =) So, now you know, I won't ever volenteer to use this stuff, and hope I never have to write on an actual chalkboard again. - even with all of the cute chalkboard tutiorals out there.

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Amy said...

Those are amazing!!!