Friday, October 08, 2010

I think Old Navy wants all my money

I have a deep love for coats. And ruffles. Ruffles I hardly ever wear, but I always want to. Doesn't this coat just want to be worn with some nice jeans and those boots? Or over a Sunday outfit? Or...

I have a feeling that fleece lined jeans will be appreciated by my little men this winter. Yes Mom, I know these look like you're paying for someone else to wear out your jeans, but at least these ones are lined! =)

and who can resist a little baby in anything with bear ears attached? Not me, thats for sure.


Craig and Jen said...

I agree...and they keep sending me awesome coupons so I keep having to go back!!

La Wrangler said...

Oh man that coat is awesome! If Julie sees it I know its coming home with her. Boots are totally you, too. And bear ears? Make anything completely irresistable!