Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I just have to say,

I'm sorry if mentioning this bothers whoever it was, because maybe you've heard it a lot, and maybe it breaches blog protocol [???], and it doesn't matter at all if this person never visits my blog again because they came for a one time stop over from A Cherry on Top's PAD links... but... I love the city name Tahlequah.

Everytime I hear it or see it [like I did on my google analytics] I can distinctly hear the kid from Where a Red Fern Grows moan out, "Tahlequah!?" when he hears that's where his new hound pups have been left at the depot since the mail carrier won't take live animals. [Can you tell I've watched that movie a lot?]  

Anyway, thank you whoever it was because it brought back good memories and movie lines and a nice heart warming reminder of Oklahoma that I love.


Nichole said...

I can see the dirty tousled little girl with squinty eyes "tahlequah?!? why ya goin to tall-eh-qwaaaa?" LOVE IT!

Lacey McKay said...

We have friends who live in Tahlequah, OK!