Thursday, October 21, 2010

crafting - finally!

I decided to just start. Make it happen. So I did and I started a ton! 

I have finished 4 - have pictures of 2. I finally made some pacifier clips. I've wanted to for a long time, actually, I wanted to when Braylon was a baby and never did; at least 3 years ago!, but never made it happen. So, I wasn't exactly sure how to do it but I just winged it and I must say I love how they turned out. 

I wasn't sure what to do because the type of pacifiers we like don't have the little loop, handle thing to easily attach the ribbon to. I ended up tying off a loop in an elastic hair tie the size I thought would fit over the end but be tight enough to stay connected when being tugged on by little man. I cut off the extra, made sure the knot was tight, and slipped the ribbon through the loop and secured that end to the length of ribbon. I want to make many, many more, I just need to buy more clips.

Confusing? Obvious I haven't written many tutorials? I knew I should have finished that technical writing course I enrolled in at college. 

The plate is the first sample I made for the craft I'll be teaching for our Relief Society craft day. The goal will be to have the women bring a photo that they would like to display on a decorative plate with fabric behind. I didn't bring any pictures with me to my friends house who was going to show me the project so I decided to make a themed plate instead.  It was very simple. I am going to make a couple more samples of different ideas to show for ideas. I'm thinking I'll do one with a single picture and another with a few overlapping slightly filling out more of the plate. If I had this plate to re-do I would crinkle the spider web paper up tightly and smooth it out to give it more texture, and maybe have tried to darken the image slightly, or smudge the print so it isn't so crisp.

There must be some way to seal the back of the plate a little more securely [it has one layer of modge podge currently] so that I could use it as a serving plate and not worry about hand-washing the top of the plate at least. Any ideas? Has anyone used the outdoor version? I've read it has a little water proofing ability? Never seen it at a store though.

happy moment! Kyle and I watch Parenthood together. Its our current couple's show. We record it and watch after the boys are asleep on nights when we have a little down time. Anyway, he just stopped the recording and told me how much Lauren Graham reminds him of me. Not just in looks, but in mannerisms, facial expressions and the way she says things [yes, the writers that write for her, but also her delivery]. I couldn't be more honored. I love her.  Right now I'm wishing I would have showered today, changed out of last nights sweats, done my hair and not be sitting here in that state with the added beauty of his extra large men's hoodie. 

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Heidi said...

We did plates with fabric at our Super Saturday, they had us paint the backs with at LEAST 5 layers of mod-podge, letting it dry in between, and then sprayed with a sealant at the end.
Good luck!