Wednesday, October 06, 2010

braylon: the things you say

k: Okay little man, would you like 1 or 2 more minutes in the bath?
b: ummm.. No. Mommy said I could stay in here for as long as I want.
k: I'm pretty sure that's not the case since she just asked me to come in and help you get out and ready for bed.
b: you just must not have listened to her very well.
Favorite words currently trending: actually + strange
actually has been a favorite for a long time now, but strange must have made quite the impression on him because it seems to be gaining momentum in usage every day.

b: Isn't is strange how I play with hard toys... and Aiden only plays with soft toys?
b: Aren't these trees just strange?
b: Those trucks [out the car window] so strange?

Getting out of bed at night:
b: My bed makes me toss and turn because it has springs in it. I need a Temperpedic!

Aiden is still sick. I'm not sure if its all effects of teething, or some horrible combo but he can't stay asleep at night, gets really congested around 4 am and has developed a really bad red rash across his cheeks. The rash breaks my heart the most because it seems to be getting thicker and spreading back to his ears. Any ideas? I've been putting some lotions on that are supposed to really heal skin but no help. It just looks so painful.


Lacey McKay said...

Actually is one of my favorite words too! I use it way too much and Abbey says it a lot too.

La Wrangler said...

"You must not have listened very well", I love it!! For the rash, maybe try ordering some emu oil (Amazon has good stuff, hard to find in stores)... it's amazing and works for basically everything and its very gentle. When Arin had a rash I think I used lanolin at some point (having not yet discovered the amazingness of the emu). Hope the little man feels better soon. :(

Liz and Lorin without Borders said...

Hey Julie,
Oliver had a rash..or so I thought, turns out it was eczema. I put aquaphor on it constantly and it cleared it up. It traveled from his ear up around on to his cheek and was cracked and oozy behind the ear. Not sure if this sounds the same or not but aquaphor is a mild thing to try first.