Thursday, October 07, 2010

bedside morning serenade...

We watched our friends kids for awhile last night and we spent a lot of time playing the Wii. I left the box of controllers and other Wii accessories out in the living room overnight. This morning Braylon came walking in with the mic for Rock Band and proceeded to deliver this awesome "wake up song" with more attitude and umph than you can imagine.

I don't want to hurt your feelings
I don't want you to hurt them either
cause its a great day
so get up and moving, so get up moving, get up and moving
get up and moving, get up and moving, get up and moving

I love you
You love you
We're a happy family

I know you
You know me
We're a happy family
[with a rocker edge]

and that's Braylon's song [he wanted me to add this line]

It was a dark, foggy morning, but there was no way I could stay in bed with a wake up like that and obviously so much fun to be had! How intuitive for a 4 year old to know it would be hurting my own feelings to not get up and moving on this great day!

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