Friday, October 29, 2010

braylon: the things you say

"Mom, say, "Oh Wow! I've never seen a box that talks before."

"now say, "I've never seen a box with arms and hands before.""

"now, say, "I've never seen a box with arms and legs."" 

Oh, man. This goes on and on and on. Standing behind... "Mom! Say, I've never seen a chair that talks before!" - peaking his eyes above the rim - "Mom! Say, "I've never seen a chair with eyes before!"" 

This "directed play" began recently and bray could play director all day long. I guess I should have seen it coming when he would stop a friend from playing and try to completely redirect the flow of play... but now he's taken to creating the entire script too. From oh my! animated objects to SuperHeros.  I love his smart brain.

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