Thursday, September 16, 2010

KYLE: We've [Kyle and his Mom] started a massive cleaning project in the attic. We smelt what we thought was mold up there in the heat of the summer and it worried us because Bray's room, the playroom and our storage are up there. We had a test done a couple of weeks ago and when we got the results back we were told we had the highest spore count of a particular mold than the guy had ever seen before. Awesome! So we're in the process of ripping out all of the insulation, floor boards and wall boards so we can get rid of anything nasty and then will need to scrub down everything that is up there. Kyle and his mom will be working on it some more this weekend... I'll be down in Boise with Aiden and a friend and her baby @ A Time Out for Women. So I kind of luck out with this nasty job for now.

AIDEN:  has started teething and gnaws on his fingers all day. I've caught him trying to shove both fists in but so far he hasn't been successful. =) yum yum.

BRAYLON: Kyle picked up a "grooming kit" for Braylon @ Babies R Us and now every time Bray takes a bath he has to "shave". He has actually stripped down mid-day to get in the bath so he can use it. Kyle hates shaving so we'll see if the novelty wears off when he actually has to use a razor to have sweet smooth cheeks like he does now.

I SO love all of my cute boys!


Sara Borchert said...

Tell Kyle he is looking good with that facemask on!
The boys are adorable and growing fast!!

Nancy said...

Mold is an awful thing! Glad you found it!! That's why we had to move out of our old place. We found black mold in our clothes closet in the bedroom, underneath our bed frame and behind Michael's dresser. Days later we had the bed frame and dresser cleaned. We had to scrub it down with bleach several times. I lost all of my summer shoes and some clothes. Such a bummer!!

Good luck with the clean up!