Sunday, September 12, 2010

results of procrastination:

So, as I mentioned Kyle and Braylon are in UT for the weekend, and I get over the novelty of being alone pretty quickly. It seems to heighten my procrastination and ability to do anything except what I should be working on. Hence the start of my photo wall! 

I have had sheets of aluminium foil in the size of my frames taped up for the past week... and last night instead of cleaning my kitchen or getting the house ready in preparation for my mother-in-law who is coming up today, I decided I needed to spend the evening getting this started. My avoidance tendencies are truly amazing!

I like the look so far and once I have all of the frames placed just so, I will choose pictures to print off to fill them. For now, they will hang as is. 

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kristine said...

Looks great!