Monday, September 06, 2010

Labor Day labors and college football

When we decided to move up here to McCall we were also at the point of transitioning Braylon out of his crib-to-toddler-bed-convert and into a twin bed. I shopped around online and had decided on a a captains bed for him so that we could get the extra storage from the drawers and was going to order one from Amazon. Well... with all of the other extra expenses from moving and setting up a new home we didn't end up getting the bed, and instead ended up changing our design plans and used a bed that was already here for his room. 

While I was out running around with Braylon earlier this week I saw a pair of these captains frames at a thift store, 2 for $50. I thought that sounded like a great deal, $25 a piece instead of over $100 for one, and I could just refinish them. I asked Kyle to go over the next day to check them out, and pick them up if he thought it was a good idea. [I am very lucky that he goes along with my spur of the moment ideas] When he went by there was a new tag that said Free! He asked a worker and was told that they were being taken to the dump if they weren't gone that day so we got them both for nothing. Yay! So... two days worth of sanding, two stains (espresso and ebony), finishing wax and a ton of elbow grease we have one bed completely finished, and the second has its first coat of stain applied. We replaced the futon in Aiden's room with the finished one and moved the futon up into the playroom. The re-finished bed looks awesome (way better than how it looked before!) and was totally worth the work! 

original finish: this one has a broken top which we will replace too.

after sanding was finished: there was some major schelack on there!
stain in progress: my very eager helper staining the back

[finished picture coming tomorrow]

College football season has begun! BSU vs. VT 

We had quite a few football viewing parties at our house in Salt Lake and Kyle is looking forward to starting that tradition up here. Tonight it was just us but it was a great game, good guys won, and we all got to cheer on the Broncos and celebrate together. A sports bar type restaurant just opened up across the street and we got to hear loud cheering from good plays throughout the night coming from there which added to the fun.

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