Monday, September 13, 2010

Hockey I - Day I

watching the more experienced skaters... up on his skates!

his teacher helping him up... until he learned to stand up [almost every time] on his own

regrouping after a fall...

calling out, "I'm Okay!" and rubbing a sore bum

In Braylon's words: 
zxcvbbnxbnn 4    bnm,.m,.adgq gtdtytggfrreq
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jxcccnm.jlkhn     tj     is 5 years      was       playing hockey with me and skating and I was playing hockey too and skating with TJ and we saw girls in the window and I was sitting on a bench with him and TJ was playing all the way until it was ended. It was hard to stand on my skates because I would slip. And Jamie and Rees said if I could have a sleepover tomorrow when I had hockey but last night we were playing together, but my Dad was still there so we left one day and then we were going to be together. But my Dad taked me in 15 minutes; My Dad always takes me everywhere. But... I was going home at 15 minutes... when it was my birthday Jamie and Rees weren't here. But... TJ was with his sister at my party. Everybody was panicking cause I hoped that my Dad would be safe even my Mom and Aiden. I would love to see them again. If I was even bigger we would have a baby I think, but we wouldn't I think. And thats all I know.  AND together we go! 

When I was speaking you didn't know how I speaked. Well, I was 1 years old when I was a baby. I would always fall down [in regards to skating]. I fell down. Skated. Even was Okay. Cause I could climb on my knees and hands like a dog and push and stand up. 

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