Tuesday, September 28, 2010

happy autum 2010

so... Kyle's mom needed a family picture for a project she is working on... and we haven't taken any of our new family of 4 so she took a couple quickly for us last weekend right after [our 9 am] church. [I am so happy we move times in January!] I should have looked in a mirror first and at least taken my hair down... but well, here is my very cute family!

Most of the little boys in our ward here dress up more for church than our ward in SLC, the majority wear full suits. When I was in Boise with my friend we found suits for a great price so I called Kyle and we agreed that it would be nice for Bray to be stylin' too.

He loves his new suit and tie and getting all of the compliments on his studliness.


Lacey McKay said...

Awww, what a cute family pic! I really need to get one of our family too!

I'm not sure what the little guys in our ward wear. I'll have to start paying attention! But I don't think they wear suits. Bray looks so handsome in his!

Nike said...

Love the new picture. Bray looks very, very studly.