Monday, September 06, 2010

giant bird eats the sun

My friend Jess picked up a huge canvas from clearance @ Ikea awhile ago, maybe over a year now, painted it out white, and let her son Rees paint it and has it hanging as prominently in their home. Braylon has always loved it and has wanted to make one similar ever since. I picked up a canvas from Hobby Lobby and today we finally made the time to make it happen. 

Here we have our family, Kyle, myself, Braylon and Aiden, a tree, some clouds and a humongous bird eating the sun. Apparently, I slipped, and B and Aiden are jumping on a bed. I painted the clouds at B's insistence, everything else he drew out in pencil and then we both painted over the lines. We have it hanging in the hall now and he loves walking by just to look at it.

Tonight as I was putting him to bed he said he can't wait until we get some more canvases so that he can make more. =)


Lacey McKay said...

Oh how fun! I bet Abbey would LOVE to do something like that! And I really need something to go over my mantle...

Jess said...

Very cool. Rees made me paint the cloud also. Too funny!