Sunday, September 05, 2010

End of Summer @ the Lake

Bray posing...

Kyle wore all white because I told him I better wear white on Friday so that I could get it in before Labor Day. He said he had never heard of not wearing white after that holiday before so he was going to debunk it...  except that it wasn't Labor day until Monday so it didn't quite work.

We bring the stroller because the walk down to the lake, and then all of the running around playing at the lake wears Bray out and he can ride part of the way back up the hill. Lately, Brayon is obsessed with this Arizona brand, Watermellon Juice.

Pictures taken with Bray's [and our] new Olympus Tough camera. we picked it up for his birthday so that he won't keep getting denied from using my camera, and so we could easily take a camera on walks and all of our adventures.


Lacey McKay said...

That is the dumbest rule in the book. I never follow it. I mean, what about the temple? And brides? And doctors? And chefs? I'm with Kyle on this one. I'll wear white whenever I please!

{K J B} said...

It is so dumb, but I thought I would give him a hard time regardless. =) I don't think I want to know who really thinks they need to live by that rule, or judge others by it either.