Sunday, September 26, 2010

fine grooming


I finally got up the nerve to cut Bray's hair for the first time. The back grows really fast and had gotten quite mullet-y and as much as we are embracing being up here in the mountains, we really didn't want our son sporting that look for too long.

I cut the back and trimmed his sides and it went great. Bray picked out a book to look at while I cut and when I wanted him to look straight ahead with his head up he just held his book up higher to look at it. Nicely done. I trimmed the sides and it was so nice to have his hair turn out how I want it instead of being frustrated that some girl at a kids only hair place messed it up, yet again.

I wasn't brave enough to cut the top yet... its quite long... we had a little fun with the hair gel after the cut and he loved it. He wore it around the house like that, and he even sported it in the car for a Sunday drive, which Kyle wasn't so sure about, but B loved it.

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