Saturday, September 11, 2010

braylon: paparazzi shots of customers

@ least Braylon doesn't get their faces, but they don't know that! Can you imagine being in a small store and having a little guy jump out, point his little camera up at you and see the flash go off? He has done it more than this but he must have pulled the camera away before the picture took so it would be some random blurred image. 

More customer interaction: b runs upstairs to get snacks for customers; Wheat Thins, fruit snacks, etc. Most of the time he hides but asks me to give them the treats for him and he gets mad when I don't offer the half of a cracker he grabbed. He also likes to tell them stories, and will stop them from leaving to tell them "just one more thing" and gets sad if they leave before he could tell them something that popped into his head. 

Gotta love him! and gotta love that preschool just started so he gets to go there a couple of days a week!

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