Friday, September 10, 2010

aiden: 4 months

our: a-de, munchkie, little man...

only 4 months and we couldn't imagine our lives without him!
  • are the most chill baby I have ever been around. you just take it all in, smile, laugh, watch, sleep, eat...
  • only use a pacifier sometimes, you had found your fingers and started sucking those but stopped {thank goodness! - you can't take away fingers! like you can a pacifier} 
  • have started sucking your tongue and lower lip, and smile every time you do it and the suction gives way  with a loud popping sound
  • love to grab your feet and roll over onto your side
  • were sleeping for so long @ night but have started teething and that wakes you up a little earlier now {wouldn't be a problem if I would actually get to sleep at a decent hour!}
  • fall asleep almost immediately in your carrier so I get a ton of snuggle time
  • have the best stretching/smiling routine when you wake up and are unlatched from your swaddler
  • you still sleep swaddled! the new velcro swaddler wraps are awesome!
  • rotate between your mommy and daddy's arms, swing, bouncer and floor mat during the day. Braylon loves to entertain you in any/all of these positions
  • if you cry and bray is the first to get to you {he takes off running!} he says "its okay little man" and does anything to make you happy
  • always have the picture on your pacifier in the upright way, Bray makes sure of it; if its not he turns it in your mouth to get it right
  • make an adorable humming noise when you are fighting sleep. when I shhhh you it stops for a second and then you start up again until you are out
  • sat upright on your own today!
  • like toys a little, but would much rather have face time with anyone
  • wear at least size 12 month socks, anything smaller puts the heel part in the middle of your foot
  • still love baths or showers and have started kicking your legs to get big splashes
  • have the best big brother I could imagine in Braylon
  • are so unbelievably loved

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Nike said...

Awesome pics of Aiden. Love 'em. Oh, and happy early birthday!