Tuesday, August 24, 2010

where we've been

I had a great time @ our family reunion in Oklahoma with my boys and my Mom and my cousin Lacey - because honestly I probably spent more time with her than anyone else [yes, I'm including the previously mentioned too]. Unfortunately on our last full day @ the lake I managed to break @ least one rib and fracture my sternum wakeboarding. I actually probably fractured it on Thursday and then the pull to pop up on Friday finalized the break. It took a lot of help from everyone, especially my Mom, to get ourselves packed up and out of there, and it made the 2 flights and 12 hour car drive home with just me and my 2 boys very painful, but we made it home. All of that nonsense [which my doctor says will probably take 6 weeks to heal] combined with:
  • Kyle's softball championship tournament {the night the boys and I got back home}
  • Agreeing on and picking out birthday party supplies for B's 4th since we had all this travel over his actual birthday
  • 2 weeks worth of travel laundry
  • Finding out a bear dines in the dumpster that's basically in our driveway almost nightly {it belongs to a bread bakery} 
  • Braylon's 4 year checkup {where I got to have the doc check out my little situation too}
  • Braylon needing to get an overnight oximetry evaluation to test the level of oxygen in his blood when he sleeps {is it bad that I told him it was testing his superhero powers and would let us know more about the ones he has and ones he may be getting so that he would let me strap it to him and not have him try to take it off as soon as I left his room?}
  • This is the last week of the shave ice stand, Braylon will be heart broken
  • Driving 3 hours out Sunday after church to Mtn. Home for a quick visit with grandparents
  • 45 mins to Boise so that we could let Braylon have his first State Fair experience {Aiden too, but he'll have his first fair memories in a few years}
  • 2 hours back home
  • Registering B for preschool, we'll give this place a go and see if we can find anything else better in the mean time
  • Taking B to swim @ a pool with his buddies
as highlights to our week has made any time available for blogging non-existent.  

We'll have Bray's party this Friday so it'll be house/party prep for me the rest of this week and then maybe some level of calming back down and I can't wait to share some very fun pictures of the fun we've had along the way. 

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