Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Western States Fair Update

Braylon spent the entire drive there reviewing the map, planning and preparing for the day

Is the Ice Cream Topped Baked Potato just an Idaho thing??? We didn't try it - just the thought of the texture seemed so gross but I guess maybe some people would actually like it? Probably not, I'm thinking its just a nice fair food gimick to say you had. Ick. We did have two plates of ice cream topped funnel cake between the 4 of us old enough to eat any [Aiden obstained]. It was a first for everyone in my fam... I mostly liked the ice cream parts and Kyle's strawberry topping. I do love a fair at night when all of the lights come on.

Petting Zoo and Pony Ride
Bray gave us a big thumbs up every time around, he loved it!
Boys & Bubbles

Braylon is obsessed with Dinos right now. We made the trip down to the fair solely so that he could check out the Dino Expo we heard about on the radio. It was small but he loved it! Grammy met us there to share in his enjoyment and she bought him a ticket to "ride a dino". It shook hard and could barely turn without the guy walking along side it and lift/turning it but all the kids seemed to think it was awesome. We all liked how in the dinosaur room they were all automated so they moved and made noises. Some of them seemed to follow you around the room with their eyes; Kyle swears one wanted to eat him. =) 
[bottom right pic: Bray's T-Rex impression]

Braylon's first fair rides. First up, the helicopter. He rode most of the rides with Kyle by his side, or behind him, depending on the ride. I would have loved to but @ that point any movement still killed my chest because of my ribs which was disappointing but I did go on the last ride with Bray on a high swing and loved sharing that with him... even though it was 3 tickets per person, and we only had 5 tickets left and I got a good scolding by the ticket buy about it, he finally let us both on. Braylon's favorite ride =the roller coaster! He loved it. He is very excited to go back next year when he is a year older and has some more height so that he can go on bigger rides. 

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Nike said...

Julie, I love looking at your pictures! It looks like B had so much fun at the fair. Someday if we're ever in the same state again, I need you to show me how you got that awesome vintage-y process on the fair pics - LOVE IT.