Saturday, August 28, 2010

Party! a few details

Braylon picked out fair and dinosaur decor for his party so we had a fun combination of the two. We had a couple of families over that we have gotten to know up here. We love the parents and Bray gets along great with the kids so it was a really fun night. We ate, gave the kids the table to themselves to go crazy at, then played some games. Braylon really wanted a some dinosaur games, and I was going to try to make a big stegosaurus for kids to pin the plates on his back but I ran out of time. We did find a pin the nose on the clown game at the store and they had fun playing that; B's ended up on the elbow. After cake and presents Kyle took all of the kids outside because one kid wanted to try out the batting tee - he ended up playing with all of the kids for a long time! The other parents and I agreed it was a good thing and hopefully they would run off some of the sugar they consumed. Candice and Dana were awesome and cleaned up the entire table area where I had just lets the kids go nuts earlier. It was another great birthday! 

Kyle's Mom put together a a party for B on his actual birthday since he was staying at their house. I'll post the fun pictures from that back on his birthdate. 

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