Friday, August 06, 2010

braylon: great-great grandparents

I think it is incredible that my children have the oppertunity to receive cards from their great-great grandparents. This card arrived in the mail today for Braylon's 4th birthday - which is tomorrow. Somehow my great-grandma always gets birthday cards out to every single person in the family, and it always arrives the day before or on your birthday. My entire life there has always been a crisp $2 bill inside - and now the tradition lives on for my kids. It is so impressive! He will love seeing it - he loves cards! - and I'll tuck it away because I think its so special.


Tiffany said...

that is so sweet.
so, did you move, are you going to move? what store are you watching? i'm so confused. i really wish i could catch up at the reunion, what a pain life is. family is the most important thing ever, yet im' missing it.

Craig and Jen said...

I smiled when I saw gma gave me a $2 bill for everything...and I spent them!!! horrible I know. My kids get them too and I have ordered them to stay in their dresser drawers!!