Thursday, August 26, 2010

Birthday Party Prep

Today we spent a lot of time getting the house ready for Braylon's 4th Birthday Party being held tomorrow, Friday. Bray was a big help since he has been talking about this party and celebrating his birthday for about a month now. While I was cleaning the kitchen he came in and wanted me to take his picture to show how excited he was that it was finally party time. I would say "red light" and he would strike a new pose. I'm not sure how that came about but it was super cute.

I sent Bray with Kyle and some friends to the hot springs so that they could play, and I could get a lot done @ the house without my very helpful little buddy [who can sometimes make the process a little harder].

While they were gone I had my first one-on-one sighting with the big brown bear that seems to be feeding in our neighbor's dumpster. It was still completely light out and I had stepped outside for my third trip to my car and dumpster and as I looked up I saw the bear standing up starting to open the dumpster. It saw me immediatly and we just stared at eachother for a little while. I ran in to grab my camera but it decided to take off in the 30 seconds I was gone. I spent the next 45 minutes watching out the window for him to come back. I finally went in to work on my computer for about ten minutes and when I went back in the kitchen I could tell he had come back because the dumpster lids were thrown back. I'm so not comfortable knowing this bear comes so frequently so close to our place. 

Maybe that is why I ruined the top layer of Bray's cake and it completely fell apart. I had to scrap it and decided to finish baking and building the cake Friday. Other than that, we are all really excited for tomorrow.

baby fix:
[pic by Lacey of cutie Aiden @ OK reunion]

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